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SmartPlane is the world's first smartphone-controlled gadget airplane. Tilt, turn and accelerate your plane with just a simple slide of your finger tips. The SmartPlane is ultra light and with its slow flying speed, it is designed specifically for indoor areas such as hallways, large living rooms or spacious meeting rooms. Even outside in calm conditions, there are no limits to the fun of flying! As the pilot, you control the SmartPlane intuitively with your mobile device. The SmartPlane responds to the hand movements of the pilot in realtime. It's so simple you only need one hand to control it. Flying always seems to be a fascination of man and now you can take to the skies with a exciting and fun new toy.


There are many different aspects to the SmartPlane that make it so groundbreaking and unique. Its intuitive remote app lets you control with your smartphone, letting you easily fly with just one hand. SmartPlane is not just a dumb toy, it understands your every command by analyzing the situation and making slight adjustments to keep your flight smooth. Its durable EPP material flexes and moves so crashes don't mean the fun is over. Its bluetooth wireless technology lets you fly longer distances and for a longer time, giving you a true flying experience. No more gliding and crashing! It also has quick touch and go pairing so you can play whenever you need. No long pairing sequence required.


  • smartphone controlled & first of its kind worldwide
  • Intuitive app control
  • Gorgeous flying app
  • FlightAssist mode: autopilot-like support for better flights
  • Slow flying for longer flights and better control
  • Fully proportional rudder so your turns are smooth and stable
  • Touch & Go (Hold your phone close to the plane and you are connected within seconds!)


  • Smartphone, iPod touch or tablet needed
  • For iOS: iphone 4S or newer; iPod touch 5th Gen or newer; iPad 3rd Gen or newer; iPad mini
  • Android devices with Bluetooth Smart and running Android 4.3 or newer


"the SmartPlane is the first complete package we've come across in terms of a smartphone-controlled RC plane." - Darren Quick, gizmag "The SmartPlane is a lot of fun. Sure, it’s a toy, but it gives a surprisingly satisfying flying experience." - Luke Dormehl, Cult Of Mac "this could be the best aircraft to hone your skills with." - Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo


  • Weight: 0.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 8.7x8.7x3.2 in
  • Flight time: 8-15 min
  • Range: up to 200 feet
  • Charging time: 13 min


  • Two (2) SmartPlanes
  • Two (2) USB charging cables
  • User’s manual
  • Extra propellers


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